Frat Initiations #11  $29.99

When Bryce and Turner get in front of the pledge master, it is obvious that Turner wants to get it on with this dude from the dorm! Initiations aside, these two would have gladly sucked and fucked each other! Anthony, a hot Latino boy,  is paired with Indiana basketball boy Tully for his initiation. Again the chemistry is hot, but the surprise here is that the pledge master finds the action and the cocks so tempting that he wants them for himself and has them!

This  hot Latino boy and our Hoosier hunk look incredible side by side... very tempting to anyone with a desire for sex. Our pledge master is no exception as he takes Anthony's fat, long uncut cock up his ass.

Bryce and Turner are made to suck each other off, and although they supposedly are doing it just to get into the frat, they really enjoy their initiations duties. Licking and rimming and sucking give way to Turner fucking Bryce. Turner is really turned on by Bryce. He can't hide it from the camera. If there is any doubt, just replay the cum shot and you will see that this "pledge stunt" was more pleasure than hazing!


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