Frat Initiations #13  $29.99

Three college boys pledge their local frat and know they have to undergo severe tests of loyalty. Will they take a dick up their ass, suck someone else's dick, let other guys up their ass or play with their dicks? Of course, if they really want to get in! A couple of these guys are unsure of what they really can do, but when the time comes, they have the courage to prove their ability to do whatever it takes.

Kirk and Luis are two cute young guys who are pretty much boyfriends even though it is not stated. The pledge master loves to come between them and watch the jealousy boil out. Sucking, fucking, rimming and anything else that you can think of goes on in this initiation, and the cum shots are incredible!

Christian and Joey play together. When a dick isn't enough, a nice fat and long dildo gets into the scene for some ass pounding action. Christian Cox is an insatiable bottom, and Joey Landis knows how to fill this young man's hole.

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