Frat Initiations #14  $29.99

Four active members take two pledges out into the woods and hold the initiations rituals in a cabin. Pledgemaster Dane Benton gives the two pledges their instructions, including, “If they say suck their dicks, you suck their dicks!” After that, the frat brothers waste no time getting the pledges and themselves naked. A camera is passed around among the actives to record the activity of the night.

Travis Dane and Vince Ryser are two pledges who know what they’re in for. These two hot, young, in-shape college jock boys are put to the test by their masters. Suck dick...sure. Lick ass…of course. Fuck… definitely. Suck two dicks at a time… worth a try! What else can they make these guys do? Plenty! Vince gets his ass paddled red by Trae, and the active members take turns having their way with the guys. When they don’t suck dick the right way, the actives show them how it’s done! When Travis talks back to Trevor Winters, look out! That means he’s in for some extra training! Don’t miss this back woods initiations ceremony…all six of these young studs are in heat and raring to go. All they needed was an excuse to get their clothes off and have someone tell them “go.” Restraint was used when the ass paddling became a bit rough. However, there was no sympathy when it came time for dicks to go up asses...thtese guys wanted to see a hard dick fucking a brother!

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