Nick has a deep voice. a hardbody and the ability to shoot a huge cumshot every time. When the pledgemaster pulls his panta down he is already totally rock hard and ready to cum. Nick us a real treat to watch...don't miss this ceremony!


Frat Initiations #2   $29.99

Kristoff, Andrew and Nick all submit to the tried and true process that binds college men closely together for the rest of their lives. Each one volunteers everything without question! You get to enjoy the action and watch the boys twitch and cum to the eager pledgemaster's touch!

Kristoff is a foreign exchange sstudent who idolizes American fraternity life and would do anything to be part of he does anything and everything the pledgemaster asks him to do.


Andrew is a bit of a goofball, and he'd do anything you asked him no matter what. So he gets a nice hard dildo shoved mercilessly up his ass.


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