Scott is a sreet-smart young dude who has been through a lot more than anything the frat can throw at him. When the pledgemaster has a tough time getting the big dildo up his tight little ass, Scott helps out.

Frat Initiations #3   $29.99

Scott, Preston and Ahmed are all tested to their limits in this session. A foreign exchange student, a wealthy spoiled brat and a Philadelphia street kid all are inducted together, showing the frat's diversity! Dildos get shoved up the boy's asses...they get sucked off and are made to blow the pledgemaster as well. Bodies convulse as wads of cum explode from their cocks!



On the opposite side of things, Preston is from a wealthy family, and he must keep the fact that he allowed someone to fondle him and jerk him off from his family.

The prize of becoming an American frat boy gave Ahmed all the motivation he needed to allow the pledgemaster to play with him.



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