Zane is fresh out of the service and wants to continue his education in college, where he finds the fraternity life to be a replacement for the fraternity he had while he was in the military.

Frat Initiations #4  $29.99

Zane is a military guy who is now in college and has the desire for the brotherhood he enjoyed in the service. Even his military training did not prepare him for this. George is from Europe and wants desperately to be seen as a member in good standing of the American social scene. Both young men are tested to their limits!


The pledge master enjoys Zane so much that he rips off his mask, and you get to see this hunk of a man who has been taunting the pledges over and over. Watch Zane squirm as he is fingered and played with. He doesn't like to show that it bothers him, but his expressions are unmistakable, and the pain and ecstasy come through in this video.

George is a foreign exchange student who wants to be a frat boy for the business aspects. He is shocked at what he has to do to prove he is a worthy member, but he willingly complies.

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