Frat Initiations #5  $29.99

Tim and Greg are two typical American college students who were buddies before they pledged this frat. Knowing he could test their friendship, the pledgemaster pits them against one another and gets them to do things they previously would have thought unthinkable. What they realize is that their brotherhood is strong, and they both are successful.

Tim and Greg are two buddies who get put through the initiation process pitted against each other. The pledgemaster tests them to see if they can  prove themselves. Tim tells Greg it's OK...he understands that it has to be done so that they both can become fraternity brothers. Suck his dick? Lick his ass? Shove a dildo up his ass? Yes...all that and more if these guys want to be frat borthers. Each one lets the other do whatever the pledgemaster wants, and the loads these guys produce will convince you they are eager to be in this fraternity!


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