Gary has one big fat dick, and the pledgemaster shows it to us in every way imaginable. Watch this Indiana boy grin and bare it to get in the fraternity.

Frat Initiations #6  $29.99

Gary, Justin, Brandon and Marcus are the initiates in this video. From an Indiana farm boy to a streetwise tough, all these young men learn to put aside their emotions and prove that they can withstand any sort of hazing to prove that they can be strong, trusted members of a very private and very intimate organization. Brandon and Marcus fucking is a site to will love it!

Justin is a blonde in every sense of the word, so when told to do something he doesn't question it normally...and when it's the pledgemaster talking he obeys!

Brandon can't believe the pledgemaster tells his friend Marcus to fuck him, but that is exactly what he does... and like good pledges, they comply. The pledgemaster jerks each one to full orgasm, and the squirts are monumental after a long and challenging initiations ritual.


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