Hockey player Tim is a tough guy, but he has to shoot a big one to score a spot in the fraternity... and of course he does!

Frat Initiations #8  $29.99

Tim, Jack, Dave, Alexi and Joe all endure the taunts and humiliations of the masked pledge master whose sole objective is to do whatever he can to break these guys. Only the strongest young men willing to subject themselves to the most demanding tests and pass them are allowed into the fraternity. These guys do it!

This hot young blonde cutie is so adorable it is hard to imagine he could survive the initiations process. Don't miss seeing this beauty shoot his load!

Army boy Jack has a hot, toned body and the ability to take anything being dished out. He excites the pledge master so much... well, you'll see

Football player Joe takes it all in stride. We think it is because the football team initiates their guys the same way.

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