After the pledge master has his way he orders Tully to his knees to suck cock. Tully keeps gagging, but the pledge master makes him keep at it. Tully next has to endure the pledge master's gloved finger up his tight asshole.  Another blow job from the pledge master and a good long hand job end this initiation as Tully oozes out his cum-load onto the pledge master's fist.

Frat Initiations #9  $29.99

Tully, Tony and Dave have always wanted to be part of a fraternity, so when they were told to strip naked, suck dick, take objects up their ass and let their dicks get milked, they willingly...even gladly, obliged!

The pledge master works over Tony's butt, spreading his cheeks, slapping him, and then probing each of his slicked up fingers and thumb into Tony's hole, one or two at a time. Next Tony has to pull down the pledge master's pants and work over his cock. Tony rubs the master's cock all over his own hairy chest, then sucks it into his mouth. Tony's initiation ends with a hand job that sends his spunk spraying all over the room.

If David wants in then he must suck cock...period. Little by little the pledge master forces his cock into David's mouth... then, once he's used to it, David sucks like crazy. David is rewarded with another blow job from the pledge master and then the master strokes his big Latino cock until he shoots his cum all over.

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