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What do you get someone for his birthday to really make him enjoy celebrating getting older? One guess is all you get.

Scoring On The Boardwalk


Devon's roommate, Jay, likes to cruise the boardwalk looking at the cute guys and scoring when he can. Today he finds Trent, a cute dude that likes Jay's  good looks and follows him home. Jay forces Trent to his knees right from the start and the two guys get into some great cock sucking and ass eating fun in the living room and in the shower. Trent takes Jay back to the living room and fucks him on the floor until Jay's cock explodes and cum is pouring out. Trent pulls out and finishes himself off, spurting his cream onto Jay's tight tummy.


Devon -- Off Duty


Even a highly paid escort needs time to relax in his room and stroke his meat without the pressures to perform in someone else's fantasies. Devon comes home, drops all of his clothes and grabs his king-sized bottle of Wet Lube. Devon has a severe look to him thanks to his meticulously trimmed goatee and his strong facial features. As his private J/O continues he ups the action by sliding a dildo up his ass. When Devon gets close to his climax, he gets the call from his service with the information on the client he has to see.


Fernando's Escort Adventure


Navy boy Fernando tells his friend Josh about the time that he hired a masked escort who was buff and loved to show off.  He Goes into detail about the hot and steamy sex that started once the the escort got into bed with them.  The escort starts to show off until he sees their hard uncut cocks... some hot oral action starts up, and then Antonio shoves a fat dildo up the escort's ass and pounds him with it until he erupts with a huge creamy load. After the escort leaves there is a hot fuck fest between Fernando and Antonio till Fernando can't hold back anymore and unleashes his big load of cum.


Michael's Birthday Present


Devon's phone rings and he gets an assignment. He is to be Michael's birthday present. Devon jots down the address and dons his uniform--a leather harness and pants with arm bands as accents, then heads out to make Michael's birthday a happy one. Devon arrives and he and Michael are immediately hot for each other. They kiss and neck in a rough sort of way before their clothes start to fall away. Devon begins by attacking Michael's brief-covered cock then stuffs his own cock down Michael's throat. Michael drives Devon crazy by rimming his ass and then Devon returns the favor. Now it's time for Michael to claim his present. He slips a rubber onto his uncut cock, lubes it up and slides it home into Devon's ass. Devon gets fucks hard by the birthday boy then they separate and jerk themselves to powerful, noisy, thrashing orgasms.


Rio's Reaction


While Devon and Michael have been fucking up a storm, Michael's roommate, Rio, is in the next room. All the sex sounds got him hot and hard so he's whipped out his fat uncut cock and he's jerking up his own fucking storm. After stroking on his bed for a while, Rio pops into the shower then comes back to finish whacking off in the bedroom. Rio gets his nut and sprays his load of cum all over his smooth chest and lightly furred tummy.

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