Web Boys #10 $14.99

Super hot Eric Andrews poses in front of An American  flag on the 4th of July, then strokes his cock for everyone on the Internet to see. What a nice holiday present! Joining him is Tony DiCarlo, a cocksure 19-year-old young lad, and Giovanni Padilla, a very handsome and young Italian stallion. The trio of web boys make up an International smorgasbord of cocks, balls, asses and cum!

As shy as Tony might be, his thick cock is as hard as an iron pipe in all of ten seconds. When he pulls it back and snaps it, you can see that it is rock hard. He invites you to feel it, and of course your own hand comes into frame and strokes it for him, driving him crazy. In three big squirts he lays down two long, thick lines of snow white cum all the way from his chest to his pubes. Then he dribbles a pool of love juice at the edge and on his thick bush.

Giovanni is a pretty boy… a real pretty and very Italian pretty boy. Slicked backed black hair, thin black eyebrows, very Italian eyes and sweet lips. He is tall and thin with an above average size cock. Although he swears he is not a bottom, Giovanni takes the dildo from his mouth and works it down to his ass where he works it like a pro. His panting and moaning clearly indicates that he enjoys the way a fat cock slides in and out of his ass.

Eric is a 24-year-old All-American muscle boy with a beautiful cock! He starts his special 4th of July telecast in front of a large American flag on his patio. There he gets naked and starts to stroke his meaty dick and play with his loose-hanging balls. When he really gets hard and you see his cockhead get big you’ll want to touch it. Eric squirts about 7 or 8 times and leaves a nice pool of juicy white cum from his belly button to his balls.

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