Web Boys #12 $14.99

A skateboarder, cowboy and hustler make an appearance in front of the WebCam and do everything they can to make you tip them. These guys have fun as they try to make some cash. Those watching have even more fun as they get to see these studs shove things up their ass and gush their cum all over. You will not want to miss Justin, who's done only this one video. A virgin to anal pleasures, he nearly blows his load the minute a dildo makes its way into his virgin ass.

Justin Major, a shaved headed white male, loses his shirt and pants very quickly. Dropping his boxers and soaking down his cock with lube, the anticipation seems to be dripping from his brow. This virgin is filled with fear, and you could taste it as you watch him undress for the first time in front of a camera. He asks and gets help with his first anal penetration.

Patrick, unlike the others, doesn’t just dive in; he leaves a little room for suspense as he plays with himself, first outside of the boxers, and then tastefully gripping his cock from behind the fabric. He talks to the camera asking for approval on what he’s doing, as if you were sitting right next to him. This leads to an explosive finish of heavy cream!

Kyle considers himself a real cowboy. Before long his bare ass is in front of the camera as he jerks himself off mercilessly. Camera angles give you a sense of how long this cowboy's cock is, as he stands like a monkey and jiggles. He cums a big load, tastes it, licks his lips and heads off to the shower.

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