Web Boys #13


Three well-endowed, in-shape, masculine young men who love to entertain bring their talents to bear as webcasters. Strip, stroke, shoot ... a simple formula that, in the hands of these actors, is developed into a mouth-watering delight!

Pable Fatale: Cute, young and well-hung, Pable filmed this scene before heading off to Iraq, He opens sitting on the couch wearing his glasses. He pulls out a massive uncut cock, walks into the kitchen for a drink of water sporting a hardon, then sits down to begin his live web show. He adjusts the camera, removes his glasses and chats via the keyboard as his peeps tell him what they want to see. Pable always obliges. When they want to see his ass, they see a firm, round butt atop muscular limbs with big balls hanging between them.  Asked to swing his cock back and forth, Pable does…and it is a sight to please! His big fat sausage smacks from one leg to the other. After exhausting his position in the chair, Pable moves to the bed where he can really get into masturbating. He fingers the head of his cock and takes some of the sweet pre-cum into his mouth. He thrashes around on the bed like an acrobat before gushing a massive load of white cum all the way from his neck down to his thick pubes. He grabs a big wad of stringy cum and brings it to his mouth, where he tastes it for his audience’s pleasure.

Jim Austin: While he was shooting a straight scene for CustomBoys’ Aardvark Video, Jim said he would like to do a show for the live web cam. Why not? Jim is a happy-go-lucky beefy straight boy who would drop his pants and show his cock to anyone. Rather than tease, he has his clothes off almost immediately, shoving his balls and cock between his legs as he spreads his ass cheeks wide. He then goes upstairs to a room set up for the broadcast where he can concentrate on his craft instead of working the keyboard. He gets close to cumming several times but holds back so his audience can see a rock hard cock while on his back, on his knees and in every position he can find. When it’s time to cum, Jim is nearly in agony for all the teasing he’s done. His ejaculation wets him down from chin to belly. The camera continues to roll as Jim showers after the show ends.

Lex Wagner: A professional male dancer/boxboy as well as a bodybuilder, Lex Wagner is an amazingly well-built young man with curves in all the right places. A gorgeous chest, handsome face, muscles everywhere, a bubble-butt ass and a dick with a huge head on it make him a rare treat for webcam audiences.  With a blue bandana tied around his head, Lex thoroughly enjoys pleasuring himself, stripping off his shirt, then his pants, then his boxers, all in a sensual manner that shows his inner rhythm. Then Lex pulls out a surprise or two…first a medium size dildo loosens his ass, and his expressions suggest he really, really enjoys having his ass teased. Then he pauses and pulls out a large dildo…one that looks like it goes a full foot up his ass. His expressions go from mild enjoyment to excruciating joy! He plays with the double headed dildo until he just has to let go. With the dildo up his ass, Lex spurts very thick gob of cum that drip down his thigh onto the dildo still up his ass crack.  Then he also showers as all the other web models, and watching this hot young stud as water caresses every inch of his body is pure bliss.

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