In Web Boys 3 the first stud up is Kirk Kelley, who you may have seen in various adult videos. Cute as a button… slim, toned, muscular build… and a very nice big dick.

Web Boys #3  $14.99

Kirk Kelley leads a group of young hunks from twink to beefcake, including a hot and heavy fuckfest duo between Rio and Rafael. Cover boy Matt Ryder has the right amount of hair for catching cum all over his body. These boys do all they can to turn you on and get you off.

Matt Ryder climbs in the chair, spreads his ass cheeks, does almost anything his fans ask. Watch him lean back in his chair and stick his finger up his ass before gushing his manload on his hairy body.

Of course seeing big dicks on cute young boys and handsome young men is a thrill, but watching one go up another boy’s ass is even better! Although most web boys do not get into hot and heavy anal sex, there is always that exception. Good close up shots of the penetration as Rafael gets fucked bending over the desk, sitting in the chair, sitting on Rio ….and then, as he is working Rio’s dick, Rafael just erupts like Mt. St. Helens, gushing like crazy all over his chest


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