Web Boys #5 $14.99

These four guys make for one hell of a night on the Internet. Justin alone is such a dreamboat, and as bashful as he is in real life  he is not bashful in front of his webcam. Don't miss this cute marine boy. Fernando and Blake are a real pair. Blake is straight and agrees to work the can with his buddy only to be seduced into letting his friend suck the cum out of him. And last but not least is Tully... our comedian of the title. Gorgeous, built and hung, check out his antics!


Shift #1 - Justin

A slim, toned, muscular, red-headed marine boy has all of his audience in a tizzy as he gets his dick to grow to 8+ inches and then shakes it in their faces. This sexy young man shows us everything he has, including his nice pink asshole, and shoots a hefty load for all to enjoy. This military stud is so adorable and sensual you will watch him over and over again.

Shift #2 - Fern and Blake

Fernando wants Blake really bad. Blake is a straight boy who agrees to only a jerk off on camera. For fun they play with some dildos in an innocent way. Fern is a wily character who persuades Blake to let him suck his dick Blake resists but finally agrees, so he just sits back and lets Fernando go for it.

Shift #3 - Tully

One of the funniest guys on the webcam is Tully. He has a great sense of humor and is a real clown. He swings around on his chair until he falls off, sucks on a dildo, jumps around like a nut and does anything he can to get his peeps to come back night after night for more dick, ass, cum and fun

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