Web Boys #8 $14.99

Cover Model Kevin Anthony, Bad Boy Brady Shark and Huge Dicked Tommy DeLuca make for an incredible combination of hot, steamy, cum-shooting action. Kevin has a body that is near perfection, Brady shoots cum like he's using a circus cannon, and cute twink Tommy's massive cock is a sight to behold. Don't miss these great web shows...they are to die for.

Tommy DeLuca – Studio 2 - Already naked in bed, Tommy invites you to stroke his cock. He's a cute 19-year-old with a slim and toned build with a big fat cock. When he asks you to touch it, a hand appears (yours) and plays with the head of his dick, showing how the slit in the head opens…then it moves down to Tommy’s balls, where it grabs them, squeezes them to Tommy’s pleasure, tickles them and pulls them until Tommy gasps. When your hand is taken away, Tommy works his butthole and jerks his cock like a pro. When he cums, he gobbles up several fingers full of it and licks it all up and swallows it.

Brady Shark – Studio 3 - Brady is a straight boy jerking on camera for money. With short-cropped hair, a black wife beater, pierced nipples and some tattoos, Brady is clearly into pleasing his audience. A small v-shaped patch of hair between his breasts and neck is very masculine, and when he drops his pant, you see a hunky white boy’s ass that has never been fucked. Brady like to spit on his cock for lube, and he smacks his fat piece of cock on the desk for you to listen to its weight. Brady leaves the computer where he can chat and moves to a studio setup where he can go at it and let you see all the angles. 

Kevin Anthony – Studio 1 - Kevin has set up a well lit area and is now sporting a bottle of oil that he begins to pour all over his muscled body. The oil and the bright lights show off his incredibly beautiful body. Anyone watching this web cast is getting their money’s worth and then some. Kevin puts on a real show, featuring every inch of his body, including spreading his butt cheeks wide open to show his lickable asshole. A great face, gym-toned body, perfectly shaped dick, willingness to jerk his cock till it covers his stomach with pure white cum…how could you ask for anything more? A shower scene? Yeah, there’s one of those too!

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