Web Boys #9 $14.99

Cover Model Sam Tyson, Cute Twink Boy Tim Reynolds and Huge Dicked Jose Lopez make this entry into the Web Boys series a must have. Jose won the Mr. Nude San Diego contest a few years ago, and although he has a great body and wonderful personality, it was the size and shape of his cock that won him the title for sure. It is huge and can shoot a firehose size wad of cum. You will want to play this DVD over and over again.

Jose is a friendly, outgoing and warm person who enjoys showing off his thick and substantial cock to his audience. When it comes out of his pants, his cock is simply mesmerizing. What Jose does to make his scene very interesting is that he moves from the office area to his bedroom where he can get more comfortable and more easily shove some dildos up his ass. He first rams a purple double-headed dildo into his hole, pushes it way in and works it around like a champ. You can tell he enjoys it as he writhes around on the bed and searches for every pleasurable angle. When he is through with one he moves to another. this time a thicker one. Jose’s cum shot is a thick load that he samples in his mouth.

Tim is a world traveler who makes his living doing webcasts. He takes time to show us the equipment he uses to get on line when is on the road. His abs are defined and his butt is a cute bubble. His cut dick is perfectly shaped and gets hard very fast. He has a nice happy trail and hairy legs and a good size pubic bush even though his balls are shaved and the hair is trimmed. He has a great masculine voice and masculine mannerisms. When the dildo he shoves up his ass comes out you can see just far it was inside him. Tim also tastes his cum, letting it drip into his mouth from his fingers. This boy really loves his work!

Cover model for Unzipped Magazine, Sam Tyson has recently jet-setted himself onto the scene as a much sought after porn star. He has performed for major studios and tours regularly. Sam is s sensuous performer who gets into his scene without making much noise. But watching his pelvic thrusts and how he moves to his strokes is like watching poetry. Sam gets pretty loud when he is close to shooting his load. And when he does finally shoot it, hold on to your ears…the blast of sound is real and intense. He simply has to scream out when it is time for his load to pop out all over his chest... a hot load that does not disappoint.

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